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Zoe Johnson-Walker Headteacher

Zoe Johnson-WalkerThe staff of The Winston Churchill School form an outstanding team of professionals. I am looking for teachers who want to be innovative and creative and will contribute to the development of teaching and learning at Winston. At whatever stage you are in your career you will find both opportunity and support. Opportunity to contribute to our journey to become, on a daily basis, ‘outstanding’ and support to become the best leader of learning that you can be.

Our partnerships with other schools also enhances our provision in terms of leadership development and training activities. Working with three other secondary schools and our Independent school partner, Wellington College, creates a dynamic focus on our core business of teaching and learning. Developments in pedagogy are based on research and agents for change ensure that initiatives are focussed on deep learning of interesting material or challenges and not on entertaining students.

There are a number of incentives that I can offer to encourage you to apply but the only one that really makes a difference is the opportunity that we will provide for you to be the outstanding teacher that you want to be, working with children, from across the ability range, who want to learn. Staff at Winston feel valued and supported and we share a clear vision. Teaching is a tough job and we all work hard but we learn so much from each other and we love what we do.

Mr C Drake

C DrakeI joined The Winston Churchill School in September 2014 as Subject Leader for Music. I had spent 8 years in my previous post but was ready for a new challenge and the vision and passion that I was met with on my interview at Winston sold the post to me. Since then I haven’t looked back.

As soon as I had started it was clear that the support I needed to turn my vision for the Music department into a reality was there. My line manager and SLT link have both been invaluable in ensuring that I have received the time, space and resources necessary to carry out my job. This has included the appointment of a music technician to work in our recording studio and radio station which has allowed me to make full use of the excellent facilities the department has.

As well as thinking about the department I also feel that my own professional development is valued at Winston. There are regular CPD sessions for all staff as well as training within departments. In addition to all of this I have been lucky enough to be given the chance to work on a research project with The Jubilee Centre at Birmingham University and have attended a PiXL conference. Both of these are fantastic development opportunities and they’ve only come about because of the schools vision.

Of course a school isn’t a school without the pupils and staff. The pupils are some of the most enthusiastic and creative young people I have ever encountered. On a day to day basis I am amazed at the standard of work that they are able to produce and the level of commitment that they have shown to extracurricular music making has been phenomenal. The staff are friendly and encouraging and are happy to work together, collaborating on big projects like the whole school musical and supporting the numerous other events that take place throughout the year.

The Winston Churchill School is a friendly and exciting environment in which to teach and I am proud to be a member of staff here. I feel both supported and appreciated and know that I will be given every opportunity to move up in my career.


Mr M Fricker

M FrickerPE Teacher, Year Leader and Associate SLT Member with responsibility for Behaviour for Learning.

I joined the Winston Churchill Sports College after 2 years teaching experience and was immediately struck by how smart, polite and positive the students are.

Their positive attitudes go way beyond the classrooms and contributions to school are very comprehensive with a constant display of fantastic drama and music productions that leave me speechless, incredible sporting achievements and a whole host of competition winners (Science – rocket challenge, English – Public Speaking, Maths – UK Junior Maths Challenges, to name but a few).

I am also blown away by the school surroundings, facilities and resources which are obviously loved and respected by staff and students alike. In relation to my personal CPD, through regular observations by experienced and inspirational teachers I was able to quickly mould into an outstanding teacher and was given the opportunity to take on some extra responsibility.

Since my time here, I have become Deputy Subject Leader for PE, Subject Leader for PE, Year Leader and am now an Associate Assistant Headteacher. More recently I was also given the chance to become a temporary full time member of the senior team and this has given me a valuable insight into how whole school decisions are made, the strategic planning process as well as taking on whole school responsibilities, specifically the development of Behaviour for Learning across the whole school.

The Winston Churchill School is a place where staff are truly appreciated and have access to new opportunities, whether you want to excel as a teacher or strive for higher positions, working with a strong team and outstanding pupils makes either experience excellent.


Ms G Robinson


GROI knew I wanted to work at Winston Churchill School from the moment I walked through the door. The positive, friendly atmosphere was instantly infectious, everyone both staff and students had a smile on their face and I knew Winston was the perfect school for me to begin my teaching career.

When I began my NQT year at Winston I was understandably nervous but any nerves I had quickly dissipated within minutes of starting. The invaluable, amazing support I received and continue to receive from my department (History) and staff from across the whole school community. The NQT programme Winston Churchill runs is excellent, the weekly CPD sessions I attended offered lots of help and support on a range of school based topics. But also provided me with the opportunity to collaborate on a whole school level, getting to know new and current staff, whilst sharing ideas and experiences.

I have been fortunate enough to have been given various opportunities to expand my professional development and develop transferable skills, including two History trips to the World War One battlefields, one of which I served as the lead teacher on. During my current second year teaching I have been able to work with members of SLT and staff across the school to build and share resources for the school’s new online curriculum. Whilst also integrating on a wider scale the online system the school uses for homework, quizzes and communications across the school.

Winston is a school where all students learning and behaviour is supported to enable them all to flourish both academically and within the wider community.  Staff are also offered opportunities for continuous professional development and encouraged to be involved in all aspects of the school community.

The Winston Churchill School became a Specialist Sports College in 2002 and remained so until the government withdrew funding at the end of March 2011. During this time many initiatives, opportunities and changes have occurred across the school. Despite the changes to the funding in Specialist schools our school still retains the Specialist Sports College title and will continue to offer and operate aspects of the previous programme, together with new ones.

We believe our students will experience a curriculum that is relevant and rewarding, provides them with appropriate support and challenge and inspires them to achieve. We are proud of our curriculum which incorporates the best of innovative curriculum design, but also retains the traditional aspects of learning which form an essential part of the ethos of the school.

Ofsted said that we offer “an exceptionally flexible, inclusive and engaging curriculum” and graded the extent to which the curriculum meets pupils’ needs as outstanding.

The Curriculum is timetabled in 50 one hour lessons over a two week period On entry to the school all students study the core National Curriculum subjects of English, maths; science; history; geography; RE; drama; music; art; computing (ICT); Modern Foreign Languages; technology and Physical Education (PE). All students study 2 modern foreign languages, French and German, apart from the SEND groups who study one and receive additional Learning Support.

Some students in Year 8 are given the opportunity to study Latin, which can be carried on as an extra-curricular club in Year 10.

Year 7 and Year 8 students receive 1 hour of PSHCE lessons per fortnight.

In the Spring term of Year 9 students make their Option choices for KS4 (Years 10 & 11) and commence these courses in the summer term.